Endowments, 计划给, 1910年社会

Endowed and planned gifts provide for opportunities for donors who wish to make an enduring impact on the School. Endowed and planned gifts touch many aspects of student life by providing funds for scholarships, 10BET十博网页版登录注册, 学生旅游, 运营支持, 和更多的.

连续给 Key (reflective of giving to any fund):
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Elizabeth Haile Hayes '71

“去圣. Anne's in the tenth grade was a transformative experience for me. I got an excellent education from teachers who were passionate about their subject areas and also about their "girls." Teachers like Pam Malone, 凯巴特菲尔德, 凯西追逐, 伊丽莎白Norfleet, and Sandra Mackay were but some of the educators who are etched in my memory. Today, some of my best friends are from my St. 安妮的天.

After 25 years, I became re-engaged with St. 安妮's-Belfield when I joined their Board. My 12 years on the Board was an education on how incredible the teachers and programs are at our school. 奉献, 创新, 好奇心, and teamwork are some of the words that come to mind with respect to the students, 教师, 政府, 和课程.

St. Anne's gave so much to me and I want to return the favor. In addition to supporting the Annual Fund (which is critical for School operations), I have made a commitment to the 1910年社会 to ensure that the School continues to offer opportunities to positively change student's lives. I hope that you will think back to your experience at the School and join me in making a commitment to the 1910年社会."